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Eastern Film Company welcomes you to have an awe-inspiring experience through engaging and remarkable outputs for the promotion of your Business, Services, and Products etc. We have the best and well trained professionals with clear insight of Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Marketing Videos, Event Videos, and Film & TV Production etc. We at Eastern Film Company will ensure and invest all the best of efforts to give the best and uncompromised video output that gives life to your Ideas and thoughts. Each and every one of our team member is well experienced and professional in their departments. Eastern Film Company is promising the best and a very creative approach will make your company to the very next level with in a very short period.

With help REXV, we take command on every detail and keep all the audience engaged throughout the self explanatory videos. We promise that with our videos, we will make your company product or services will stand out of the crowd which gives more scope and visibility that will throw tough time for the competitors. With the strong command over social media, your company will reach out to the targeted audience in very short span of time.

We always focus on our work and will be most happy to see the Clients Happy and their overwhelming response to our services. That gives more energy and boosts us to work even harder and smarter towards seeing more clientele in our list and be a part of their success.

Let us join hands and grow together…

>Corporate video

Corporate Video is designed to showcase the details about the company to the customers. This type of videos come under “Corporate Overview Video”, which helps to communicate the core values, scope, vision and mission of a company to the end customer that gives the clear idea of the various services provided by the company.

>Corporate event videos

Corporate event video covers the most important segments of the events conducted by companies, for both national and international events. Post the event, Companies are privileged to showcase the event images, Videos, interview of key employees and customer’s speaking behalf of company.

>Product videos

Our main purpose of making the “Product Videos” is to showcase the details of the products with the highlighting features to the viewers. This provides end user the information about the product with all the glamour shots including the text. These videos mainly focus on engaging audience and provide the information in an entertaining and informative.

>Explanatory videos (2D and 3D)

Explanatory videos are made both in 2D and 3D to engage the audience with the highlights of services and solutions of a company. The purpose of making these videos is to elevate the brand and to attract the attention of people which will lead to promote the products.

>Virtual Reality videos

Virtual Reality Video can create a stimulated environment with the use of latest software technology. These videos ensure the user to experience 360 degree view of the project and its scope and to compete with the competitors.

Educational Videos (Video production for distance education)

Video in distance education is a process where traditional teaching practices are now being transformed to online education where teachers can create scripts, organize content, capture video footage, and many more. For this content will be created using cell phones, integrated cameras and extend to commercial high definition Broadcast quality cameras.

>Television commercials:

Television commercials or advertisements are the best way to reach out to the targeted audience. These types of commercials are very short with the power to convey the details of the product or services provided by the companies. We make television commercials both national and international in a very affordable price. Television commercials can brand your company services or products at wider range of audience within low budget.

Web commercials:

Web commercials are a form of marketing and advertising that uses internet to deliver the promotional activities executed in a proper way to reach the right audience. We produce web commercials and take part in promoting your business to next level.

Television broadcast

Through Television broadcast we can promote your company over any air broadcasting. These productions include television commercials, infomercials, entertainment shows, documentaries, news magazines, sitcom, reality shows, etc,.

Film and TV production

We produce Tele films, Web series, Independent films, Feature films, Music videos and Travel documentaries etc at a very affordable cost. Our team of professionals consists of Creative Team, Cameraman, Direction department and Support staff is always up and ready to give life to your ideas that will be like eye feast to the viewers.

We know what type of content & time of video should be for diiferent platforms. For eg. Facebook video should be of 15secs, linkedin of 8sec, youtube can have explainer videos and theatrical ads should be of 50secs.REXV creates engaging content which helps in lead generation.

We not only produce the videos we also know where to place it . Our digital marketing team is expert in promoting, videos in different channel for sales enquiries.